Monday, January 03, 2011

Just the Beginning!

As I make my debut into the world of blogging, I can't help but think back to just a few short years ago when I swore to myself I wasn't going to get caught up in this phenomenon called 'Blogging'.  I managed to avoid it, or so I thought, until this past summer.  

So what happened you ask?  My youngest son's 1st birthday is what happened.  You see this party was special to me... first, I love designing & hosting parties; second, he's my baby; and probably most important ~ it might be the last time I get to host a 1st birthday party... so it had to be spectacular, to say the least.  

I knew exactly what I wanted (in my head anyway) and since it wasn't something I was going to find at the local party supply store the quest was on to find it elsewhere.  Naturally I turned to google and during this process I discovered this wonderful world known as blogging... this same world that I had sworn off in prior years.  Why did I do that???  

Blogs as it turns out where nothing more than 'interactive' websites that provided me with more ideas than I could contain.  I also felt a connection with the writers of  the various blogs I followed, definitely something I've never felt with any website.  So I searched, I read and I followed... learning and discovering more and more with each passing day.  

Time of course was of the essence, since I did have a date set for the party, and even though I was bombarded with ideas, none of them matched what was in my head.  Then it hit me ~ I'm going to design it myself!  Why not?  I have been following several other ladies who design parties and are quite successful at it.  In fact, I have dreamed of having a party planning business of my own since I was in my teens.  

So I did, it was spectacular, the guests all raved and I felt more accomplishment and pride than I have in any job I've ever worked.  Which brings me back to my debut into the world of blogging.  You see, since last October I have been busy creating a little party design company for myself ~ Party NV ~ and while it is a great play on words, it actually stands for Party N(ico) and V(incent)... the two other greatest accomplishments in my life!

Well, here I am, ready to take on the world one party at a time and blogging about it all the way!  Over the next few weeks I'll share more about me and how I got here as well as  what I've done over the past few months, including the famous 1st birthday.  For now, I'll leave you with this... it was a Vintage Medieval Prince theme!


  1. I love this story and the origination of your company name. Congrats to you for starting your business. You're so talented! And thank you for leaving that cute pink ribbon free downloadable. I think I will like your page and use it for our upcoming October events!

    I just posted part 2 to the carnival themed event that we worked on. You'll find it at I

  2. Thank you! I went over and over different variations of their names trying to come up with something clever. Then one day I just happened to see a photo of the cupcake I made for Nico's first birthday with his initials (which are NV). I thought, 'That's it!' and Party NV was born :)

    Please do use the Breast Cancer downloads and be sure to spread the word!!! Thanks!!!


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