Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Share the Love!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner,  I started thinking about the beloved Valentine Parties that will soon occupy schools all around the country.  This was one of my favorite holidays as a child... candy & Pink (read my earlier post 'All Things Pink'  for a better explanation)!  

I remember sitting around the table with my mom, some construction paper & glue, and making valentine's for everyone I could think of.   Back then that's what we did!  We didn't go to the grocery store and buy kits, we used things from around the house and our creativity.  You could say that we literally put our "hearts" into it!

Somewhere along the way though, homemade Valentine's lost their appeal and commercial kits became the norm.   Maybe it was out of convenience,  maybe it was peer pressure from our classmates, or maybe it was the result of both.

A couple of years ago, my 4 year old was in day care a few days a week and this is where he experienced his first Valentine's Day party.  I remember how excited he was to show me all of his Valentine's when he got home.  As I was looking through them I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow, Disney Cars is very popular this year.'  In fact, it was so popular that in a class of 20+ kids, he received 11 Valentine's that were Disney Cars and of the 11, six of them were the exact same card!!  I don't remember ever getting duplicate cards... Oh wait that's right, ours were unique because we handmade them!  

Since then I have made it a point to take a day and make Valentine's with my son.  We even invite some of his friends over and make a play-date out of it.  Of course, since he is a boy, his interest in doing this last for about 2-3 cards.   So, this year I decided to help him (and me) by designing some printable Valentine's that we can print out and then embellish upon.  

I decided to share this idea and opportunity with all of the mommies out there who want their kids and their Valentine's to stand out from the crowd (for FREE)!   Just go to the free printables section on my Facebook page and download the FREE Valentine's printable.  Then you can print as many as you need (for personal use only please) and add whatever your child's imagination can think of (rhinestones, foam stickers, glitter, etc.).  The backs are left blank so your child can write a personal message to each and every one of their friends!!  

You can also print these out and use them to brighten your child's spirit as we await the arrival of Valentine's Day!  Write a special note on the back to them and then tuck the cards in unexpected places (lunch bag, homework folder, on their pillow at night... the possibilities are endless (maybe even add a little piece of candy, to "sweeten" the deal?!)

Enjoy!  Oh... and if you do happen to use them and LOVE them, I hope you'll share the love and my page with others!!!

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  1. Cute cards! It must be the "party girl" in us that we would rather make are own cards! This project is top on my list to get along with what kind of valentines mailbox are we going to make this year!?!? I'm a new follower from DiD MW group! ;)


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