Monday, January 24, 2011

Vacation's Over!

Okay, so I haven't really been on vacation, although I sure do wish!   Instead, I've been BUSY... the capital B-U-S-Y kind of BUSY.   All you other mompreneurs (a great name I discovered on Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers) can surely understand!! 

The past few months have been spent launching Party NV, in addition to running my other business, Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies... OH MY!  AND... of course, being MOM.  While I enjoy all of my babies and want to give them equal time, sadly it doesn't always work out that way.  Usually the 4 year old wants more play time, sometimes it's the baby wanting to snuggle, and other times it's a project I'm working on.  

At times it's frustrating, like when I have to choose between a deadline and playing cars.  At times it's stressful, like when I'm behind and nothing seems to go right that day.  At times it's overwhelming, like when I can't find the time to write on my blog, post pictures to my websites, or stock the shelves in my etsy store.  At times it's downright exhausting, like when I'm up all night working or when the baby's cutting teeth and wants me to rock him.  Regardless, I wouldn't trade any of it for anything, it's who I am and it's what I do!  Besides, most of the time it's utterly AMAZING, watching my kids grow up AND doing what I LOVE!!!  Like Hanna Montana sings, "I get the best of both worlds!"

So when I say, "Vacation's Over!" I'm saying it's time for me to get caught up and move forward.  This won't be easy of course, but would I really want it any other way?!  

The next few weeks are filled with activities and projects.  I'm in the midst of designing a Vintage Carnival themed birthday party for my amazing little boy, who's celebrating his 4th birthday in a couple of weeks.  I've also got some cakes on my schedule, and don't forget about Valentine's Day and all of the wonderful little projects that go along with it.  Oh, and I almost forgot... The Pittsburgh Steelers are now playing in the SuperBowl, so I'm sure we'll have to have a SuperBowl party!  Plus, with all of the Steelers fans I know, how could I not design a party pack around that?!  

There will be plenty for me to write about, including past events that I still have yet to post.  Yes... that means the Vintage Prince 1st Birthday photos.  However, it won't be today, since I still have to crop and adjust the photos, but I will leave you with a little sneak peak!
Vintage Prince Theme - Party Invite

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