Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger Cakes?!

This past weekend was my step-son's 11th birthday and he asked me to make him some cupcakes for his class.   So, what would an 11-year old boy like that's not embarrassing and his friends will think are "SUPER" cool?  Hmmm... I naturally started scouring the web for ideas and came across some cute burger cupcakes.  I instantly knew that this was what I was going to do, besides they looked simple enough!

Truth be told... they were so simple and so cute that I couldn't resist doing a DIY tutorial so everyone can make Burger Cakes!

Before you get started here's what you'll need:

-1 Box Chocolate Cake Mix
-1 Box Yellow/Vanilla/Butter Cake Mix {don't use white as it won't look like a real bun}
-{water, oil & eggs per mix}
-Frosting {not too creamy or it may soften and spread, thick or stiffer frosting works best}
  *You'll need Green, Red & Yellow and can either buy a tub of frosting and color it or buy the tubes of frosting already mixed in those colors {this is easiest}
-Fondant tinted the color of cheese, if you want cheeseburgers {I make my own marshmallow fondant}
-Sesame Seeds
-Orange Juice

-Cupcake Pan(s) {Don't forget the shortening for the pans}
-Serrated Knife
-Cupcake Liners {To hold the finished burgers}
-Basting or Paint Brush
-Frosting Decorator Bags & Tips, #4 and #103 {Unless you buy the pre-tinted tubes}
-Square Cookie Cutter

Okay let's get started....

First you need to mix your cake batter together {ok, ok... I know you knew that, I was just testing you!}

Bake your cupcakes per the directions, one batch of each flavor {typically a box will yield 24 cupcakes}  I suggest baking them right in the pan, no papers.  This saves on paper waste, since you will have to remove them once they are baked anyway, and it saves on cake waste, since the cupcakes don't seem to rise as high when baked directly in the pan!

Once the cupcakes are done, remove them from the oven and let cool for about 15 minutes or so, then remove them from the pan {if you greased your pans properly they should just pop out} and let them cool for about another 30 minutes.

Now comes the fun part!!!!  For each Burger Cake you'll need 1 Yellow cupcake and 1 Chocolate cupcake.  Take the yellow cupcakes and use your serrated knife to cut them in half {removing the top from the bottom}.  Set both halves aside for now.

Next, you'll need to cut the tops off of the chocolate cupcakes, this will become the "burger".  The bottoms you can either eat, scrap, or use to make cake pops!  YUMMY!

Once you have the cupcakes cut you can begin assembling them.

First, take a cupcake liner and place the bottom half of the yellow cake in it, cut side up {this will be the bottom bun of your Burger Cake}.

Then, squirt some green frosting all over it, allowing it to over hang the sides some, using the #103 tip {this will be the lettuce and also holds the Burger Cake together}.

Next, place a chocolate cupcake top {burger} on top of the green frosting {lettuce}, squishing is down some.

At this point you can either add cheese or not.  If you want to add cheese then you will need to roll out your fondant to the desired thickness and cut with your square cookie cutter.

Then place the cheese on top of your burger....

Now all that's left to do is squirt the red and yellow frosting all over the top like ketchup and mustard, using the #4 tip.  I found using a circular motion worked great and allowed for some of the frosting to drip over the edges.

Then place the top portion of the yellow cupcake on top and brush with some orange juice...

...sprinkle with sesame seeds {they really add to the realistic look and don't affect the flavor}.  VIOLA!  Cheeseburger Cakes are served!

Leave plain or top with custom cupcake toppers to enhance your occasion.  Party NV can design the perfect toppers for you, for whatever the occasion!

Burger Cakes are perfect for just about anything including: Tailgate parties, sports parties, Father's Day, dad/grandpa/son/uncle/boss birthdays, and even good old backyard cookouts!  For more ideas check out my facebook pages:


  1. I just did hamburger cake balls that would complete this look. Let me know if you have any local requests for these and I will do the same, we can sell a package deal :)
    GREAT job on the tutorial and they look sooo yummy

  2. Thanks Terri! You're pops are so cute...

  3. Those are just great! What a wonderful idea!

  4. Love this idea!! Thanks for sharing. I am now a new follower from DID. Lisa@HR creative Design Studio

  5. Thanks everyone! I'd love to hear about and see how your Cheeseburger Cakes are used! Email me some photos and I may have to do a follow up, featuring your photos!!

  6. Love this (and your other party ideas too)! I can't wait to follow along and see what you post next.


  7. Those are awesome! I'll be serving those and Terri's hamburger cake pops at a bbq to be determined this summer. I guess I'll have to make some french fry cookies to go with them! LOL!

  8. Thanks Ginger! I've got some thing sup my sleeve and I've already started receiving some wonderful submissions!

    Sara... can't wait to see your creations! And the french fry cookies are a suer cute idea!!!

  9. Jodie,
    I just found you from Martha's D and D.
    These burgers are so cute!! I would love it if you could link them up to my first Eats and Treats Thursday party!!

  10. Rene... would love to link up to your Eats and Treats Party! Where would you like me to link?

  11. Jodie,
    I'm so happy that you shared those cute little burgers at my link up!!!
    Thank you! I hope you come back again :)

  12. Hi, Jodie about the marshmellow fondant. I want to make that 2 days before my sons bday. Can I make marshmellow fondant than freeze it or just put in the fridge? Also can I color it the day I make it or I have to do that the day I use it?

  13. Marshmallow fondant will last up to 6 months so you can certainly make it ahead of time. I wouldn't suggest freezing it, but refrigerator is fine. You can color it when you make it, but then you would have a whole batch of just that one color. I suggest coloring what you need when you need it, that way you can use the rest of the fondant for other things!

  14. I always make these for our christmas pot luck!! (Don't ask me why, they are not christmassy in the least.)

    I always bake the "buns" with the sesame seeds already in them, and I usually use a brownie for the middle. I cook the brownies in a cupcake liner so it gives it more of a jagged edge like a real burger. :) I am definitely trying the fondant next year!!

  15. Mmmm... brownies sound yummy on this!!! Thanks for the idea :)


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