Monday, May 16, 2011

{DIY Monday} Hanging Rose Balls

Happy Monday everyone!  Since posting the pictures from my "Pretty & Posh" collection last week, I have had several inquiries about the hanging pink rose ball featured in one of the shots.

"Did you make it or buy it?"  "How did you make it?"  "Can you show me how to make one?"  "Is it easy?" "What materials do I need?"  "Are they expensive to make?" .... and so on!

Now, I really wish I could take the credit for coming up with the idea for this creative beauty, but I can't. It all started with a late night Internet browsing session.  I was doing one of my craft tutorial searches and happened to come across it.  I bookmarked the page, like I always do, so I could come back to it at a later time.  

When I finally had the time to sit down and go through the folder, this little ball of beauty jumped right out at me... if you could see my bookmarked craft folder you'd understand... there's at least 100 different tutorials in there!  Anyway, I quickly looked through the materials list... styrofoam ball ~check, crepe paper ~ check, ribbon ~check, hot glue ~ check... I had everything I needed to get started.

I gathered everything and started following the instructions.  I have to admit that at first I wasn't too sure about the whole thing, but as indicated in the tutorial you'll get the hang of it before too long and before you know it your ball will fill up and look perfect!  So I did just that and am completely pleased with how it turned out.

I found the instructions to be easy to follow and like I said, it turned out exactly as she said it would!

Are you ready to make some pretty rose balls for yourself?  They're perfect for decoration at home, parties, weddings, showers... or just about anywhere for any occasion!

Here's the link to where I found them  Now head on over and get crafting, but be warned... before long you'll be addicted to making them like me!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. So beautiful! I just love these crepe paper roses :) They add the perfect touch to class up a space, or add some pretty :)

    Thanks for the link-back!

  2. Fabulous job! Can just see one of these at a bridal shower. :-)


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