Monday, September 19, 2011

{DIY Monday} DIY Printables: Part 1 - Invites

I'm often asked by customers who purchase the DIY printables, for tips & ideas on what to do with them.   So I've decided to devote the next few Mondays to just that.  In fact, I'll be doing a 6 part tutorial, covering each piece of an entire printable collection, starting with the invite.

Of course I decided to start with the invite for obvious reasons.  I mean, it is (or should be) the first part of planning any party!  If you're looking for  something customized, DIY printables are an easy and cost effective way to do just that.  No hand written invites here!  You provide the details and the rest is done for you... well sort of.

Since my baby's birthday is in a few short weeks and I am starting to put together his birthday collection I've decided to use it as the basis for my tutorial.  Plus it'll give you all some sneak peaks at the newest collection to be added to my shop in October.... Monkey See, Monkey Boo!

So what's the craze about the DIY Party Printables and how do I get started?  It really is simple, all you need for this project (and most of the others) is the following:

-DIY Printable Invite (you can find more at or keyword: party printables)
-80 lb cardstock paper, whatever color you want your invite to be (available at any office supply store)
-Color printer (or access to one - friend, family, Kinkos, Staples, etc.)
-Craft knife & ruler (or scissors work fine too)
-Any embellishments you want to use (glitter, rhinestones, ribbon, stamps, etc.)
-Envelopes to fit your invite size (can be purchased online or at any office supply store)

STEP ONE:  Print the invite

The great thing about DIY printables is that you pay one low price for the file, but then you can print as many invites as you need.  So if you only need 20, then you print 20... but, if you need 100, then you can print 100!!  If you want some as extra's go back and print those.  The invites have gone out and you decide you want to send a few more... no problem!

Once all of your invites are printed it's time to move on to the next step. 

STEP TWO:  Cut the invites out

If you have a craft knife and ruler, great!  If not, a good old pair of scissors works just as well.  For this particular project I decided I wanted a scalloped edge around the invite so I used a paper cutter I got as a birthday gift last year.  Yes, I get scrapbooking supplies for my birthday!   If you're not really into scrapbooking or just starting out and don't have paper cutters you can get the same effect using an inexpensive pair or scalloped scissors.  But, remember this is where the fun starts... you can do whatever your heart desires.   Cut it straight, tear it, use a scalloped edge, zigzag... etc., etc., etc.!  

Now this step can be a little tedious, depending on how many invites you need but, it can also be a great group activity.  Grab the kids, the hubby, some friends and have an impromptu cutting party!  

**Important Note:  Before you cut all of your invites, make sure they fit inside the envelopes you purchased!!!   

STEP THREE: Embellishing

This step is by far my most favorite because it allows me to unleash the creativeness inside.  There is no right or wrong way to do things at this step.  Once again... do whatever your heart desires!!  You may already know exactly how you want your invite to look.  If not, don't fret, just jump online and do a quick search to see if you can spark some ideas.  

I love using glitter rhinestones, ribbon, etc. on my invites.   It's what sets them apart from the rest, makes them a conversation piece ("Did you get one of those invites? Did you see how cute they were?") and earns then a place on the fridge!  And we all know that fridge space is prime real estate these days.

For this particular project I opted for a more simplistic look and choose to not use any glitter or rhinestones.  Although if I was going to, I would have added some glitter in a deep purple color to the lines dividing my text and the cuff on the pointing finger.  This would have been a nice touch, without making the invite look too gaudy.

**Important Note:  Be aware that if you have too many things that protrude out of the invite, the post office may charge additional postage.  

Once your invites are all embellished and dried it's time to package them up!

STEP FOUR: Stuffing the envelopes

You're now ready to stuff the envelopes with your amazing invites, but wait!!!  Don't forget to make your envelope as spectacular as the invite itself.  For this project I choose a brown craft paper envelope, which I purchased from Staples.  Keeping with the Halloween theme of the party and the simplistic nature of the invite I decided to stamp a simple spider stringing down the front and the word "BOO" on the back.  For the addresses I used a standard Avery address label and choose one of the fonts used in the invite and a deep purple color to match.

Seal everything up, put a stamp on it (sadly they didn't have any Halloween stamps... but ask, sometimes you can get stamps to match your theme) and stick them in the mail!

Now you can sit back and relish at the amazing invites you just showered upon your friends and family, especially when they call or email to comment on them!

Next week I'll show you some great ideas for the 2" Party Circles!


  1. What a cute way to dress up an invite! This also reminds me that I really need to get moving on the invites for our Halloween party! Thanks for the tips!

  2. You're welcome! Watch for more tips to come :)


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