Tuesday, March 06, 2012

{Theme Party Tuesday} Monkey See, Monkey Boo!

So, I think I've made you wait long enough!  Just kidding... I'm just finally getting caught up on my posts.

Last fall my baby turned TWO (I know I can hardly believe it myself).  When I started running through ideas for his party I knew I wanted something special for him, something that he could relate to, and something that he would be excited about.  At this age it's so difficult because they really don't get excited over birthday parties, like a 5 year old does.

He has this ratty old green monkey, which he's been inseparable with since birth, and one night while all 3 of us were snuggling on the couch it hit me.  MONKEY!  That's it!!  I'm going to design & style his entire party around his ratty little friend!  You can't get much more special than that... there's nothing that he can relate to at this age more than his monkey... and he's always excited to see him.  Oh and he (Monkey) got a bath, which doesn't happen often enough, for the big day.

Here's Nico showing his friend some love... see what I mean by "ratty"?!

With the theme in place I got busy working on the invites and other designs.   I found this incredibly cute monkey costume at Sew Simply Sweet that I absolutely wanted him to wear at the party and decided to incorporate Halloween into the theme.  His birthday is in October after all, so it worked.  Since monkey is a lime green and the costume I bought had that same green and a deep purple, I opted for that color scheme (which also fit nicely with Halloween).   Seriously... isn't this the cutest costume you've ever seen?!

The invites had a vintage flair to them, but coordinate perfectly with the entire collection... and of course, Monkey made an appearance on them too!  

The next big question on everyone's mind was... What about the cake?  Well, to be honest I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do until the night before.  I knew I wanted something fun and I knew I wanted to incorporate Monkey, but other than that... nothing!  I was so consumed with all of the other details that I hadn't really given it much thought.  Usually I design my themes around the cake, but this time I designed it around something else.  Thank God for the last minute... it motivates my creative mind in ways I can't explain.  When I was finally finished, in the wee hours of the morning while everyone else was asleep.  I took a step back and literally admired it in awe.  It was perfect!!

And YUMMY too!

The weather in Michigan was amazingly perfect for that time of year... I think it got into the 80's that day!  So I was able to hold the whole party outside on our deck, which made a wonderful backdrop for the dessert table.

There were all sorts of treats available: Cake, cupcakes (topped with Monkey, of course), cookies, caramel apples, cake pops, caramel corn balls, ghost peeps, chocolate mummy pretzels and a few seasonal candies.  

Along with the sweets, we had some fun activities planned for the kiddies.  I found this really cute idea at Lowes for using your hand print to make ghosts so I got all of the supplies and everyone got to make their very own ghost to take home.  It was a really easy and inexpensive project and something that the parents can display year after year!

I also decided to have a costume contest and made these award ribbons with some left over supplies I had.

My little man loves to jump and since everyone else's birthday's are during the winter I decided that a bounce house was in order.

I forgot to put together the photo booth I had in my mind.  Hey, what can I say... it happens.  But, everyone seemed to have fun with the photo booth props regardless.  I printed out some conversation bubbles (which are available as part of the collection) and found these really cute masks that I painted.

Overall, the party was a great success.  Everyone had fun and my little man went around all day pointing out everywhere I incorporated his "ratty" friend.... MONKEY!

If you're interested in having your own "Monkey" party you'll find the entire collection available for sale in my etsy shop!

I hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did!!

I'd like to give an extra special "Thanks" to my dear friend Lindsay Estep for sharing her wonderful photography talents.  Lindsay is an elementary teacher by day and budding photographer by nights & weekends.  I hope to work with her again on many more projects and wish her the best of luck as she grows her business.  I'll be sure to provide links once they are available.  Until then, if you are in the Livingston County area and interested in having Lindsay photograph your special events contact me and I'll be sure to get you in touch!



  1. omg. Mummy pretzels?! Awesome!!

  2. The pretzels are so lovely!

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