Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Storybook Pooh Baby Shower

This Storybook Pooh baby shower was so much fun to work on... I mean seriously who doesn't love Pooh?  He's classic!

When styling a table I like to pick a focal point and start there, in this case it was the cake.  I  remember seeing the quote used on it and thinking, "Wow, wouldn't it be cool to have a cake shaped just like an old storybook where the characters are literally jumping off the one page and this quote is on the other." So that's exactly what we did!

One of the biggest challenges involved with styling a table is when the hall doesn't allow you to hang anything on the walls or from the ceiling!  The backdrop is essentially what frames out the whole table and in this case I envisioned a forest, or at the very least a large willow tree (since Pooh and his friends seem to always hang out under such a tree).  This particular place had a very strict "no hanging" policy, so I decided to create a single, free-standing tree as the backdrop for the whole table.  I used craft paper, a 4 x 4 and hangers to shape the trunk and limbs, then found some green silky material from the discount bin that I tore into thin strips and tied to the limbs so they would hang like willows.  I also made a bee hive that hung in the tree (where else would Pooh get his hunny from?) and using cardboard I made the "Hundred Acre Woods sign, that is attached to the trunk.

With the craft paper tree in place I decided to pull in some actual outdoor elements by using real tree trunks for displaying the sweets.  I just used wood from my parents wood pile, but make sure if you use your own wood that everything is level and put a clear coat on it so you don't get bugs!  Also, don't set food directly on it, cupcakes are fine if they are in wrappers.

Having fun with the food and names is one of the best parts of designing a dessert table.  For this particular theme I decided to go with none other than... HUNNY!  

I absolutely adore the idea of wishes & prayer cards for babies at showers, but I often wonder if the cards just get thrown into a box after the shower, never to be looked at again.  I mean let's face it moms (we are busy, busy, busy)... when's the last time you even opened your baby books???  So, when I came across these cute little books I decided to have people put a wish in there instead, then mom-to-be can carry it around and read it whenever!  

I framed pages from various Pooh stories and hung them from the tree.  

This seems to be an ongoing debate... how to keep people away from the dessert table, until it's time for dessert???  In this case I just created a sign that looked like a page from a story and put it front and center!

And the final detail???... Why a single, red balloon of course!

I hope you've enjoyed the Hundred Acre Wood adventure as much as I enjoyed pulling it all together!

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  1. Anyway possible to get more information on how you created the tree?

    1. Sorry I just saw your message :(

      Here's what I did, incase you still need it!

      -4x4 (for the trunk)
      -flat board (for the base - I used scrap wood we had in the garage so it wasn't anything specific, just flat)
      -Brown craft paper or paper bags
      -wire hangers
      -green silk fabric
      -liquid nails
      -black paint

      1. Attach the 4x4 to the base so that it is sturdy
      2. drill holes at the top of the 4x4 to insert the wire hanger into
      3. Cut the hangers to make the limbs and glue into the holes.

      At this point you should have the frame of your tree.

      4. wrap the base in craft paper, nailing it in various spots to secure it.
      5. Wrap the limbs in craft paper, gluing it to secure it.
      6. tear the fabric into thin strips and tie on the limbs so it hangs down.

      For the sign:
      -cut out cardboard
      -paint wording
      -screw to the 4x4

      I hope this helps!


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